What We Do

Harvest time at one of Central Valley Almond Association's growers.

At CVAA, we provide top-quality, efficient almond hulling and shelling services for our grower-members. Almond harvesting may be seasonal, but post-harvest processing means year-round activity for CVAA.

In addition to our pre-cleaning, hulling, shelling and in-shell operations, we carefully market members’ by-products and closely handle payments and grower records. And, of course, when fall’s hectic season is finished, we clean and prepare our facility for next year’s operations.

We’re ready for processing when the harvest starts in August. Members are responsible for delivering their almond crop to our McFarland processing facility. Our goal is to keep pace with the harvest in the orchards.

Once incoming loads are weighed, we move the new crop to our state-of-the-art plant for processing. Incoming loads may also head to our stockpile yard, where they’re fumigated and stored until processing. We have security on site.

Almond processing involves removal of the hull and shell, removal of foreign material, sorting and sampling. In removing the outer layer of the almond, CVAA’s huller-sheller generates a high-quality product -- rapidly, efficiently and with high through-put rates. We closely monitor the product being run through our plant, and offer an excellent turnout to help members achieve the highest possible grade and price.
Truck off-loading in Central Valley Almond Association's modern plant.Our new plant was built for a 90-day run to enable CVAA to meet our goal of finishing hulling and shelling operations by Thanksgiving.
  • Almond meat - Once hulling and shelling are completed, members choose which finishing processor will market this all-important almond product. CVAA works closely with these processors to ensure that members’ almonds make a streamlined exit from our facility. We keep a sample of every run that goes through our plant. If necessary, we can retest each sample at USDA’s station in nearby Shafter, Calif.
  • Hulls and shells – As a service to our members, CVAA markets our members’ hulls and shells to California’s giant dairy industry for a profitable return. As an important part of the cows’ feed rations, these by-products have a large, year-round market. The profits of the association are returned to our members.

Processing, grower records, member communication and equipment maintenance keep CVAA busy.

As global demand for almonds grows, CVAA’s board and management are looking for ways to capture market opportunities that benefit all members.
Don Davis“CVAA is all about integrity, efficiency and quality. The staff of CVAA has convinced me they’re looking out for the growers’ interests. It’s truly a cooperative. CVAA is growing with an eye to what’s going to improve the members’ returns.”
--Don Davis,
CVAA member since 1976