Our Competitive Advantages

Central California Almond Association utilizes the latest in shelling technology

Our cooperative structure

As a grower-owned cooperative, CVAA works for the membership. All earnings, minus the cost of doing business, are shared among our members. We keep an open-door policy that allows us to work closely with each and every grower-member. And we never forget that CVAA belongs to our members.

CVAA competitive advantageDriven by quality and food safety
We regard our operation as a “food factory.” That’s why quality, sanitation and safety are CVAA priorities.

CVAA adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) developed by the Almond Board of California. GMPs are the minimum sanitary and processing requirements necessary to ensure the production of wholesome food. By adhering to GMPs, CVAA can assure government regulators and customers worldwide that we are serious about processing safe, high-quality almonds.

With the increased scrutiny of food processing and manufacturing as well as escalating regulations, CVAA knows the importance of compliance in all aspects of almond processing.

Experienced by-product marketing
We’ve been marketing almond hulls and shells to the state’s dairy industry for four decades. We’ve built up the contacts and the know-how to successfully market these by-products. The result is a source of revenue that typically pays the cost of processing for CVAA members.

Prepared for growth
As global demand for almonds grows, CVAA will meet increasing opportunities. We built a state-of-the-art, high-capacity hulling and shelling plant in 2009. CVAA has an in-shell facility. That process removes the almond hull, leaving the shell encased around the almond meat. Burgeoning markets like China and India want in-shell almonds. CVAA not only has the capacity to handle ever-larger almond crops but room to grow too.

Involved in the industry
CVAA members also belong to key agricultural organizations, including Blue Diamond Growers, local Farm Bureaus, and other key agriculture organizations. CVAA is a member of the Almond Hullers and Processors Association. We also believe in giving back to the community. Each year, CVAA is actively involved in the FFA and 4H ag programs and the local Toys For Tots program.

Our location
California’s Central Valley is ideal for almond orchards, offering vast flatlands, fertile soils, a moderate climate and minimal rainfall. Together, they help create the perfect setting to produce the world’s finest almonds.

Our McFarland site in Kern County makes CVAA easily accessible to the major travel routes of Interstate 5 and Freeway 99.

Jim Regan“I’m a third-generation farmer who believes in supporting local businesses as much as possible. CVAA is a local, McFarland-based co-op. The staff is great. There is no problem they haven’t been able to take care of. With our new facility, we can get almonds shelled sooner and on the market earlier for a better price.”
--Jim Regan,
CVAA member since 1992