Our History

Early Bloom

Here’s a quick look at the milestones in Central Valley Almond Association’s history:

1971 – Twenty-eight area almond growers establish Central Valley Almond Association (CVAA) in McFarland, Calif. The grower-owned cooperative will provide hulling services to area almond growers.

1973 – Under a management-sharing arrangement with McFarland Cooperative Gin, Hartford Smith becomes manager of CVAA. He will manage CVAA until 1989.

1980 – As members’ almond acreage and production increase, CVAA builds a new plant across the street to boost hulling capacity. Hartford Smith remains CVAA manager. Jack Wilson is plant superintendent.

1988 – CVAA expands its services and facility to include almond shelling. The expansion will allow members to earn higher premiums with the addition of high-quality shelled products.

1998 - 2008 – California’s Central Valley sees rapid growth in almond acreage and production as worldwide demand for the tasty nuts booms. CVAA membership nearly quadruples to more than 100 members.

1999 –
CVAA member Joe de Moes becomes chairman of the board the following year.

2005 – Diana Clark, who joined CVAA in 1971, becomes CVAA manager.

2009 – After a unanimous vote by members, CVAA builds a new hulling and shelling facility. The major plant investment positions CVAA members to meet the growing demands of the global market.

2010 - Almonds are one of the brightest commodities on California’s agricultural scene. CVAA’s business philosophy continues unchanged: To provide almond hulling, shelling, and in-shell services for members with a focus on quality and efficiency.
Bir Dhillon“CVAA has a modern facility. The staff works like family. It’s a clean-cut, well-run business. We’re excited about the prospects for our new in-shell processor. That will help us fetch more money as we meet the growing in-shell demand in India, China and the Middle East.”
--Bir Dhillon,
CVAA member since 1992