Welcome to Central Valley Almond Association (CVAA).

Based in McFarland, California, CVAA is a grower-owned cooperative that provides hulling and shelling services for our members. We combine four decades of hulling and shelling experience with our new, ultra-modern, large-capacity processing facility.

CVAA serves the almond growers of California’s great Central Valley -- where 99% of all U.S. almonds are produced. Our core business philosophy is grower-driven:
  • To provide a high-quality product for our members with rapid, efficient through-put rates, while keeping pace with ever-larger almond crops, and continuing to find ways to keep our members competitive and profitable.

We’re proud to say CVAA has consistently fulfilled that promise. Explore our Web site to read what members say about CVAA and to learn more about us and our competitive advantages.
“CVAA is service-oriented to keep growers’ almond harvest running as efficiently as possible. I know that under CVAA’s staff, my product will achieve the best quality anywhere. I don’t have to worry about CVAA losing product or treating my crop any differently from anyone else’s. CVAA is a cooperative. As a business model, that’s no different from other operations — except that if there’s a profit to be made, I get to share in it.”
--Clinton Shick,
CVAA member since 1971